Sunday, June 3, 2007

How To Use Your Information Products To Get One-On-One Clients

Is your current business goal to get more one-on-one service clients for your business? Do you want to be able to have your perfect clients coming to you every single day?

Many of my past and current one-on-one clients have bought my reports or listened to my audio recordings before hiring me as their business coach. This is the best way to get clients - once they have sampled your products, they are more aware of who you are and how you work.

In this case you already know that your style and approach resonate with your clients. If this weren't true, they would not have hired you after using your products. The people who hire you in this case are your perfect customers - not only are they in your target market, but your approach matches their expectations.

Here is how to use your information products to get perfect one-on-one clients:

- Brand your information products. Every time people use your products, every time someone listens to your audio recordings, attends your teleseminars or reads one of your e-books, you want them to see your brand.

To do that, you need to make sure that all of your products contain information about you, your business and your web site address. You should always introduce yourself during your teleseminars and when you create your audio recording. Use this opportunity to tell your listeners who you are.

There is even more freedom when branding your e-books and your special reports. Use your logo, your web site address and contact information in your e-book.

- When is the best time to let your information products buyers know about your one-on-one services? The best time to let your customers know about your one-on-one services is when they finish reading your e-book or listening to your audio recording. Include information about your one-on-one services at the end of each one of your products. This way, if your customers enjoyed your products, they will be able to hire you.

- Keep in contact with your past customers. Not everyone is going to hire you for one-on-one services on the spot. Some people will want to hire you at a later date. This is why you should publish a regular newsletter that helps you keep in touch with your potential customers.

Creating information products helps you get clients! This is one of the best techniques to get more one-on-one clients for your coaching, consulting or other service business.

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Friday, June 1, 2007

Are Online Businesses Effective Lead Generators?

As a business professional you spend an enormous amount of time and effort, not to mention a lot of money on finding quality, useable leads for your marketing campaigns in the hopes of generating an increase in sales and profits. You do your best to learn about the best ways to make this happen by regularly making the rounds of forums, blogs, and websites with information and tools for online marketing. In doing so lately you have come across many credible sources in the online marketing industry that all seem to be talking about and saying how online businesses are effective lead generators. But you wonder and want to know for sure without any of the hype, are online businesses really effective lead generators?

They are if the online business is one that people will have at least a quick interest in taking a look at. If it is really an obscure online business that most people would not recognize or relate to, then the probability of it being an effective lead generator will go way down. MLM online business and online businesses like them do not make for effective lead generators because people are more aware now of the pitfalls inherent in these businesses and tend to shy away from them. You have to have an online business that has legitimacy to it before someone is going to bother visiting your webpage. And if people do not visit your webpage, you will not be able to generate leads. Of those who do visit online business opportunity webpage's out of curiosity or the chance to make money easily, illegitimate online businesses do not create usable, quality leads from them.

With an online business that is sure to be of interest to others you can use capture technology to capture information such as name and email addresses from the traffic to your website. These are quality leads that you can use in future marketing campaigns. These leads have a better chance of turning into actualized sales and profits. Why? Because these leads have expressed an interest in your type of online business or in the products or services you sell through their search for and visit to your website. When you market future offers to them including offers from your other businesses, you will be marketing to highly receptive prospects, which clearly presents a better opportunity for sales and profits to occur. When used in this manner, online businesses are effective lead generators.

In summary, are online businesses effective lead generators? The right ones most certainly can be. The wrong ones obviously are not effective lead generators. The wrong online businesses are effective only at tagging you with a negative online image and rating. Believe me you do not want that to happen. Word of mouth is very quick as we all know, but online word of mouth is happens at warp speed, reaching millions in seconds. You can depend upon a good online business to effectively generate large numbers of quality, useable leads for you to market with. These are the leads you want to be spending your time and effort on, not to mention managing your marketing budget with. The leads generated by the right online businesses have the highest potential for paying off in the end with increase sales and profits.

Choose online businesses with a lot of interest in them, work at home, be your own boss, affiliate and Google Adwords, web stores, and more of the business opportunities people are searching for online today, will effectively generate leads you can use successfully for marketing that gets results.

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Monday, May 28, 2007

Is CSS2 Hurting Your Link Building Efforts?

While working on an email link building campaign for an Arizona website design company, I received a reply from a potential link partner as follows:

"Well you're using an internal iframe so the place your links are don't have a good Google PR. No thanks..."

I knew exactly what he was talking about, but he was gravely mistaken. The problem was that our client was using CSS2 and a div tag to display the content of their website design directory ( in a stylesheet generated scroll box.

To webmasters that aren't familiar with this relatively new technique, the css scroll box looks like an iframe and can raise suspicions about link building ethics. The truth is that search engines have no difficulty following links located within a css scroll box.

I replied to the potential link partner that wrote me the email with an explanation of the technique but it was too late. I'd either lost the trust of this particular webmaster or damaged his pride. Either way, I lost a link partner.

I advised that my link building client remove the scroll box to avoid confusion but the scroll box was a consistent element in their design so they were unwilling to change it. This made my link building efforts for this client more difficult, but I learned a valuable lesson that I can apply to future campaigns.

In summary, you should avoid the use of css generated scroll boxes on your "resources" or "partners" pages, if you're running an email link building campaign, until webmasters become more educated about the new design options available with CSS2.

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Art Of Seo Copywriting

This is definitely not an easy task. Writing in a flow that sounds natural while keeping in mind keywords, keyword density, page length etc can be quite a process. It goes without saying that all the information that is presented also has to be technically correct.

SEO copywriting has a very specific goal in mind. SEO copywriting is good only when it achieves the goal of being more visible on the Internet. It is possible to have an article that is creatively and beautifully crafted but it might fall flat on its face because it does not adhere to the rules of SEO copywriting.

The goal of the marketer should also be the goal of the copywriter. It is essential that the copywriter understands the marketing message of the campaign. Only if the marketing message is understood can the copywriter produce something that would be useful for the SEO campaign. It is a very good idea for the copywriter to sit down with the marketer and work out the finer details of the marketing message. What are the main concepts? Are there key words and phrases that should not be missed out? Get a good understanding of all the important marketing information that would be required to write a comprehensive article for the SEO campaign.

Part of understanding the marketing message is also getting to know the product or the service that the copywriter is going to write about. Accuracy is an important element and you would not want to hand in unprofessional work that makes claims that are not true. As a copywriter, you should be aware that your words could be the basis on which your client can win or lose business. Having complete and accurate knowledge about the client means that the copywriter would be able to figure out what the strengths of the client are. It is these strengths that have to be highlighted and talked about in the content of the website.

Now, the actual writing process can prove to be quite tricky too. When writing the content, the copywriter would obviously have to keep keywords in mind. Usually there would be an appropriate way of using these words or a number of times these keywords have to be used and that has to be kept in mind throughout the writing process. At the same time, the copywriter should take some time off to step back and see to it that the copy does not look awkward and cluttered with only key words and phrases.

Keyword density if an issue those copywriters have to struggle with often. Time and again, copywriters and told to keep keyword density in mind when writing. This means that a word or phrase has to be used in an article a certain number of times. This, of course, disrupts the natural flow of writing but is also an essential feature of SEO copywriting. It is up to the copywriter to balance the issue of keyword density with that of content to make it readable and presentable to the public.

SEO copywriters have to constantly keep in mind that there are two aspects to their writing. There is the part of the copy that deals with creativity and readability, and then there are aspects related to coding and programming. The trick is to strike that balance where content is informational and accurate and at the same time it is able to hold fast to the technological aspects of search engine optimization. It goes without saying that this is a difficult task, but when done wel, it really brings back results that are worth celebrating. If this duality is kept in mind then the SEO copywriter should be able to produce content that is, not only presentable but also helps in finding a good ranking for the website on major search engines.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Home Business - How To Cope With Loss Of Focus On Your Home Business Goals

If you find you have lost focus on your home business goals, nobody else can help you regain your focus and you need to recognise the reason why you have lost your normal ability to focus on your goals. Don't become depressed or angry with yourself, sudden loss of focus is worrying but it is nearly always a temporary condition that you can cure easily if you stay calm. A temporary inability to focus does not mean you will not be able to make a success of your home business.

Even though you might be feeling like a miserable failure, there is probably a simple reason for your loss of focus on your home business goals. Those goals were sound when you set them for yourself as part of your home business success strategy, so don't fall into the trap of reassessing your goals and altering your plans while you are in a negative frame of mind. Think aboutyour goals and the reasons you had for setting them. Consider how far you have progressed since you started your home business and congratulate yourself on your success so far. Allow yourself to feel good about having made progress towards success even if you are temporarily stuck in a rut.

Trying to force yourself to carry on working as normal while you are feeling negative and unfocused, is unproductive. There are all sorts of reasons why you might need a break from work. It could be that you have tried to work for too many hours without a break and just need half an hour to relax and have a snack or a drink. Once your energy levels have been restored to normal, focusing on your goals will not seem difficult. Perhaps you have been trying to finalise a difficult task and just need to take a walk or do some stretching exercises and generally clear your mind. Maybe you have a minor but unpleasant illness like a head cold and need a day off to recuperate. Outside responsibilities might be distracting you from focusing on your home business. It could be that your mind is wandering because you are thinking of a tough job you need to do. Prioritising your tasks for the day might be all that's necessary to restore your level of focus.

Once you identify the reason for your loss of focus, it will be easy to see what you need to do. Next, you need to make yourself a sensible timetable. Make a list, in order of importance, of all the things you need to do and want to do that day (including time for breaks). Allocate a reasonable amount of time for each activity. Don't worry if you can't finish all your tasks in one day, rule a line above the work that can wait for another day.

If you are unwell and need to cancel the whole day, leave everything that can be left until the next day, just deal with anything that's too urgent to carry over for a day. If you just need a short break, that will be much easier to slot in and the refreshing effect of the break should enable you to quickly get back to working at your top capacity. If your problem is that an unpleasant or difficult task is waiting for you on your "to do" list, take a short revitalising break, promise yourself a reward for completing that task and tackle the dreaded chore before anything else on your list.

Regaining focus on your home business goals is usually easy once you understand why the loss occurred. It's often just a matter of taking a break or tweaking your timetable to have the energy to focus come flooding back.

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Friday, May 18, 2007

7 Key Steps to Site Promotion

You can promote your site in different ways. You should follow some of the steps to get success in site promotion. Following are the 7 key steps to site promotion.

Advertise – Advertising is a proven technique to promote sites. This step will ensure that you are known by more people. Advertising will make people incurious who would like to come to your site to find out what is there. Advertising can also attract visitors by its words and design to come to your site.

Use Search engines – Search engines are a good tool for site promotion. You can make your site visible to a huge number of people through search engines. Make the website available at the top by getting good search engine ranking for it. Moe rand more people will visit your site and will spread the news about it.

Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate marketing can get you more visitors and more links for your site. It can spread your site name around.

Submit articles to Ezines – Ezine provide opportunity to post your site information and links along with your articles. When a reader reads one of your articles, he will also find your site link there. If the quality of your article is good, he will visit your site.

Get Referrals – Get referrals from the visitors. Make your website attractive and then visitors will like to refer it to other people.

Create Blogs – Blogs can help you to disseminate information about your site. It may make other people interested in your site, and may get them there.

Join Forums – Forums can make you an authority on a particular subject. When you are expert in a subject, people will like to visit your site for more information.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Profitable Link Popularity - How Link Building Can Help You

Link popularity is very important in the search engine marketing. It is very important in determining your website's ranking. A lot of people swap links in order to popularize their own website. Your link popularity helps a lot in generating traffic in your site and is therefore essential to profit from any online business.

If you're asking how important this can be, let me tell you how. Choosing quality inbound link is very important to get a high page rank. If you see the logic in this, high page rank would of course include you in some search engine's top results. Top search engines like Google use link popularity to evaluate a website for their ranking. And if your site is included in top results, the probability of generating traffic in your website is really high.

Getting a lot of one ways links pointing to your website can be achieved easily. There are lots of link popularity experts who provide their service to companies or people who want to get a lot of inbound links. For a minimal cost, they would help you increase your link popularity. If you want to do it yourself to save on cost, you can exchange links with other relevant websites. Just make sure the products and services your website showcases is similar to those found in the website of the person you choose to link with. If not, you might have some problems with the search engines that rank your site.

So go ahead and build your link popularity now. This would surely help you earn profit from your website.

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